Luz C. Pro is an art & mental health counsellor focusing on body psychotherapy, conscious sexuality, and trauma clearing as a means of personal and collective transformation.

Since 2014, I have studied the anatomy of trauma to better understand how to release it; while helping the most vulnerable.
As a teenager, I was trained as a fine art professional and lived in Paris, Berlin, and Venezia. I became fluent in 5 languages and worked with artists, galleries, and collectors. Besides learning about the art market at a young age, I deeply understood the needs of a creative process and the great transformational value of art.

Since my return to Mexico in 2012, I created cultural platforms such as InterArte & GAStv. Shortly after which, I founded Arte Pro, nonprofit organisation that creates art & mindfulness programs, and neuroscience and mental health instruments, in collaboration with academics in different universities to measure the impact and monitor the development of our children.
Scientific evidence shows the positive results of our work with over 1,000 children born into abuse, neglect and incarceration. Most of who, are SA victims.

My interest in conscious sexuality started at the age of 19. I have since studied a series of approaches from various paths to acquire different tools. These include Taoist, Buddhist, Sex Magick, Tantra, Transpersonal, amongst others. I always regarded these as a personal practice and never thought of sharing my knowledge with others until 2020, when people started asking and there was a great need of connection. I then started a series of sex talks, workshops, and group sessions I am still iterating.

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