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Art and Human Develpment

Since 2014, Arte Pro empowers children born in prison and other vulnerable situations through art and mindfulness practices. Our children not only develop cognitive and socioemotional skills, improve their mental health, attention, motivation, self-confidence – which are important determinants of socioeconomic success*, they also become powerful change agents in their communities.


*According to Nobel Prize winner, James J. Heckman

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Arte Pro is a nonprofit organization and exists only through donations from private people, companies, and organizations. We utilize resources to educate children and create a professional team. With your donation you contribute to more education and equal opportunities, social inclusion and integration of children who deserve a better chance.

Healthy child development is cultivated in an environment that fosters basic needs – be they physiological, emotional, cognitive or spiritual. Many children find themselves in vulnerable situations that inhibit these needs from being met. Mental health and behavioral disorders can result when children are deprived of necessary coping mechanisms and tools.


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